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We have a fully-kitted out workshop to carry out adjustments, repairs, builds and servicing, big or small. Bring your bike in for us to take a look and we can give you an accurate quote.

Please note: We conduct all servicing and repairs during the week as well as some Saturdays (subject to staffing). Unfortunately, we are unable to offer servicing or walk-in repairs on Sundays unless it is a very small job (such as a puncture on a non-hub-geared bike), due to the shorter opening hours and having only one member of staff in the shop. Sundays are mainly for pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as any purchases of bikes and accessories. We try to accommodate you as best as we can by allowing you to leave your bike in the shop until we can do the service or repair for you, which is typically the next working day if brought in on a Sunday. We aim to complete all repairs as soon as possible, but we do get very busy and our mechanics need a break too. We are open every day and for longer hours during the week to allow you to drop off and collect your bike at a convenient time. Please do not get offended if we ask you to leave the bike with us for a bit, we know that you are busy and in a hurry to get somewhere and we try our hardest to sort out any issues as soon as possible for you, but we are only human after all and we want to do a good job.


Puncture repair: £15 including inner tube

Brake service: £10 per brake

Gear service: £15 per derailleur

Brake pad replacement: £8 plus brake pads

Brake cable replacement: £12 including cable

Gear cable replacement: £15 including cable

Rear wheel replacement: £15 including rim tape

Front wheel replacement: £8 including rim tape

Chain and cassette replacement: £15 plus parts

Chainring replacement: £10 plus parts

Bottom bracket replacement: £25 plus parts

Headset replacement: £25 plus parts

Bar tape fitting: £10 plus parts

STI lever fitting: £40 plus parts

A-head stem replacement: £10 plus parts

Safety check: from £35

Full service: from £60

Strip down and rebuild: £120 plus parts

Wheel true: £15 per wheel excluding spokes

Wheel building: £30 per wheel

For any other jobs, please send us an e-mail or give us a quick call and we will give you a quote!

The pricing is based on how long it takes to complete the job and we always aim to charge fairly and charge less if a job takes less time than anticipated and we will always give you honest advice.

Please be aware that the pricing is also based on us fitting parts purchased from ourselves. If you are bringing your own parts to be fitted, the price of the labour may be higher than above. Please contact us with information for more accurate pricing, if this is the case.

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